About Us

Service Operations:
Horizon Mechanical Services LLC is a commercial air conditioning, controls, and heating service establishment founded in 2001.We specialize in service, commissioning, and repair of Trane, Aaon, Carrier, York and McQuay air conditioning screw, scroll, and centrifugal air and water-cooled air conditioning units up to and over 1000 ton. Our services include megging of compressor motor, condenser tube cleaning, oil analysis, chiller starter PM and service, and routine maintenance. We provide annual, quarterly, and/or monthly service of central building equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, pneumatic/DDC control system maintenance/ repair, air conditioning equipment, with company supplied reports and recommendations to customer on improving building performance. Boiler efficiency tests can be performed using combustion analysis of exhaust gases with customer provided printout of insurance required findings and needed field adjustments made to reduce excess fuel usage. Service and maintenance agreements are available for boilers which include cleaning fireside, waterside as needed, and burner maintenance.

Specialty Services:
Horizon Mechanical Services LLC is a certified factory startup rep for Desert Aire Corp. ( dehumidification systems/ 100 % Outside Air applications) and Stulz (server room air conditioning applications) specializing in servicing, setup, and startup of dedicated 100% outdoor air systems for commercial, industrial, pool room applications in dehumidification control. Our factory certified technicians also provides invaluable experience to our customers in server room critical temperature control and humidity applications through startup and commissioning of Stulz Air Technology equipment for server rooms to maintain efficient and year-round reliability in critical environments.

Carrier 3V - Horizon Mechanical Services LLC is a certified rep for Carrier 3V controls system in constant volume zoning applications 25 tons and under. We can provide specialize service, commissioning, and also retrofit of other equipment manufactures zoning systems to meet your needs or just to maintain your current equipment. With the 3V system we can provide front end monitoring with the pilot interface, or individual control using T59/T56 sensors for precise temperature control Individual. The 3V control system is very flexible and with the universal interface module can communicate with any building automation system.

Orion Control System by WattMaster:
Horizon Mechanical Services LLC is a factory authorized rep for WattMaster in providing integrated building control system with central point setup, monitoring, or remote PC running Orion Prism graphical computer software for control of air conditioning systems, critical temperature control, VAV/ terminal unit zone control, 100% Outside air applications, pump lead lag control, boiler reset control or supply air reset, VFD status, command and or start stop control, lighting panel control with addition of add-on expansion modules for full integrated control. With open protocol for either Lonworks or Bacnet we can customize your building control system to fit your needs.

Construction/ Retrofit Services:
Horizon Mechanical Services LLC construction team provides skilled union craftsmanship and project management team in retrofitting existing building mechanical systems and all aspects of building mechanical systems in maintenance, engineering, and cost analysis.

Company Certifications:
  • Desert Aire
  • Stulz
  • Aaon
  • Carrier 3V Control System
  • Orion Control system by WattMaster
  • Daikin VRF
  • Sanyo VRF

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